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March 2nd, 2017 | All updates, Resume wiz | 0 Comments | By Josh Denomey

Have you ever provided your email address at a store, cell company, or other, and moments later felt embarrassed because your address was probably created when you were in your teens, and probably contained inappropriate words and phrases? If so, please keep reading!



We noticed from time-to-time that people are using these funny and strange emails and we always recommend they change to a professional address. You can still keep the old one, but when it comes to applying to jobs, it’s best to use a professional email address on the resume.

Why does it matter?

Well, if you read a resume and the email address looks sloppy or immature, then one may come to the conclusion that you might be sloppy and immature. After reading your name, the next bit of information is your contact details, and so before reading any of your experience, the person reviewing your details may have already decided what type of person you are. Unfair!

We wrote a few articles on contact details and included these below if you are interested in how your address, and voicemail could also affect your chances at securing an interview as well.

As for using gmail, hotmail, yahoo or other, we recommend using an email service that is secure (Yahoo has been receiving a lot of bad press lately due to security issues). Personally we like gmail, but there are many options, so if you have a wonky email address, please change it and happy job hunting!

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